Hi. My name is Jason.

I began working in the business of bringing good food and great times to people in the mid 80’s for a restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. I soon fell in love with this work. Since then I have played many roles on many restaurant stages and have taken little bits from each to create my own. I have always approached the restaurant business with a serious sense of humor and a pride in learning something new everyday. My guests become my friends. My Staff and I have put our hearts and souls into bringing you a great place to eat, drink and be merry.

THANK YOU for all the support and feedback!

The name “hobnob” was chosen for it’s base meaning; give and take, to give a drink to someone or take one.

Also, it means to mingle with folks you may or may not ordinarily mix with. I believe that these social and business connections are very important. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in this neighborhood and from around Portland and the great beyond.

THANK YOU for all the laughs and good times!

I am thrilled to create cocktails that make your taste buds open up and scream, “WOW!” I get a big kick out of cooking for you, as well. I believe in putting a spin on simple, well known dishes to make them amazing. I believe in great meals that bring good people together. I believe in cooking meals and mixing cocktails from scratch with many great local ingredients. I believe in the micro brew, the small winery and the local farm. I also believe in a real house ground top sirloin & chuck steak burger, done right. OH Yes, I definitely do.

THANK YOU for enjoying the things that my team and I love to bring to you!

This weeks Burger

     "Stuffed Maple Bacon Cheese Burger

                                       House ground steak-burger stuffed with maple bacon jam and american

                                cheese. Topped with romaine, greeen onion mayo and pickled brussels sprouts.


.. Confit & Corn Cakes!..

Confit pork shoulder served with green corn cakes, shaved raw beet, grilled onion and a lemon pan sauce. Finished with shaved parmesan cheese.

.. and da Weekend breakfast speciaL