the Steak Burger

Each burger is ground fresh by us using select black angus top sirloin, chuck and apple-wood smoked bacon

​(Our own veggie chickpea patty is available instead of steak burger)

All served with house cut fries

just a burger

Build your own burger using our burger creations (below) as a list of ingredients

We throw on the romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, Free

Mac Daniel's Burger

Topped with pickle chips, chopped sweet yellow onions, American

cheese and 1000 island dressing

No Burger.. Burger

Crispy chickpea veggie patty over spinach and arugula with sautéed onions,

pickled carrots and green goddess dressing

Volcano Burger


Bleu cheese and pickled habanero patty under three slices of apple-wood smoked bacon,

Ben's habanero sauce, fried spinach and bleu cheese dressing

Peanut Budder, Bacon,

Pickle Burger

Topped with warm peanut butter, three slices of apple-wood smoked bacon,

dill pickle chips and mayo

Breakfast Burger

House ground steak burger with bacon maple jam, three slices of apple wood smoked bacon,

a fried egg under melted cheddar and fresh scallions on a pub bun

Cowboy Burger

Smothered with pepper jack and our BBQ sauce then topped

with three slices of apple-wood smoked bacon and crispy onion strings

Sgood Burger

Under three slices of apple-wood smoked bacon, sautéed

mushrooms and melted Swiss

Brisket Burger

Topped with a load of BBQ brisket, Swiss, seared Cajun slaw and 1000 island

Kalua Pork Burger

Topped with a pile of kalua pork, grilled onion & pineapple

drizzled with sweet chili sauce


Southern Chicken Wrap

A flour tortilla wrapped around fried chicken, Cajun slaw & zesty BBQ sauce

Pretzel And Pimento

Pimento cheese with a house made & grilled soft pretzel


Jaunita's corn chips smothered in BBQ pulled pork, our cheese sauce,

pepper jack, pineapple salsa and a dollop of sour cream

FRIEd Mushrooms

(when available)

With green goddess dressing & house made ricotta cheese

Big ol' slider menu

House Ground Steak Burger ~ with pimento cheese, pickle & yellow onion

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork ~ with apple butter and Cajun slaw

Fried Chicken ~ under pickles and ranch dressing

Beef Brisket ~ with melted mozzarella, pickled serranos & onions

Jason's baby back ribs

A quarter rack over garlic mashed potatoes

​Wings with Celery

​Crispy & juicy chicken wings tossed in you choice of classic buffalo,

​BBQ, sweet chili or ask us about chef's weekly sauce


Fried pickle wedges with house ranch dip

Fried Mozzarella

Hand cut and breaded, hot and melted mozzarella served

with chilled zesty house tomato sauce

Soup & salad

House Salad

Mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions & house baked croutons

with your choice of house made dressings on the side


or Fire Roasted Tomato

BBQ Beet

Sliced BBQ beets, beet pickled hard boiled egg, house made ricotta

cheese atop mixed greens with green goddess dressing

Gunpowder Spinach

Top sirloin grilled with our gunpowder rub over fresh spinach, red onions and

a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette under berry compote and bleu cheese crumbles

Nob Wedge

Iceberg wedge with fried pork belly croutons (lardons),

bleu cheese dressing & pickled red onions


All served with house cut Fries

Fried Cheese BLT

Thick apple-wood smoked bacon, fried mozzarella, romaine lettuce,

tomatoes and mayo on toasted chewy sourdough

Southern bbq pulled pork

Experience our famous 38 hour pulled pork stacked between homemade

apple chutney and our Cajun slaw on a pub bun

The Ribwich

A quarter rack of boneless baby back ribs served on a pub bun

with pickled onions and cucumbers

Da Grille Cheese

Mozzarella & cheddar with bits of fire roasted red pepper on grilled rustic sourdough

Buffa-nob-alo chicken

Fried chicken breast tossed in an extra spicy buffalo hot sauce, topped with our

homemade ranch dressing, mozzarella, tomato and romaine on a pub bun

 Lunch & dinner

Chicken Parmesan

 Breaded chicken under house tomato sauce & over house made ricotta cheese, topped with melted

mozzarella and parmesan cheeses served on a toasted hoagie roll

Sloppy nob

The classic Sloppy Joe done right using our house ground steak burger

and Joe sauce topped with Cajun slaw & crispy onion strings

The Brisket

A Hoagie stacked with slow cooked beef brisket and melted mozzarella topped

with house pickled serranos and onions

Catfish Po' Boy

Grilled blackened catfish served on a hoagie with artichoke remoulade,

shredded romaine, tomatoes and pickles

Everything Else

Jason's Baby Back Ribs

Rested in our spicy rub, slow roasted & grilled to perfection served with Cajun slaw,

garlic mashed potatoes or fries. Choose either full or half racks

Gunpowder Sirloin

A marbled 10 oz. hand cut select top sirloin coated with our "Gunpowder" rub

seared on our hot grill & topped with bleu cheese Sauce, fried spinach and garlic mashed potatoes

bbq Sampler

Get a bit of everything! A heaping mess of our pulled pork, beef brisket

& a quarter rack of ribs. Served with Cajun slaw, chef's BBQ beans and house mac & cheese

Da Catfish Fry

Cornmeal battered Southern fried catfish with house cut fries,

Cajun slaw and remoulade

Tenders & Taters

Our fresh Southern spiced fried chicken tenders and house cut fries served

with your choice of house made BBQ, honey mustard or ranch

Big Daddy Mac

Sautéed garlic, onions, red chili flakes and large macaroni tossed

with our cheese sauce topped with lightly toasted bread crumbs​. Add catfish,

chicken (fried or grilled), pulled pork, brisket, bacon, pork belly, top sirloin or steak burger!