Your nob crew

And a few words

about our team

"Mr. David" David Hill (it's how you like your coffee!)

Having tended bars in great spots around these United States for many years, I had moved to Portland and fell head over heels for dis city. All the tree and all the trees are so green! I have a passion for making delicious drinks, laughing with my friends at hobnob, riding my bike on a beautiful day, knitting dope hats and other sweet apparel, art, music and of course lovin'! I believe there is a subtle difference between cuddling and pinning someone down, so they can't get up. Love, David

"Chef" Chef Ben Francka (gastronomy genius & humorous yet evil mad scientist)

While working my grandfather's Texas cattle ranch, growing up, I developed a love of meats and BBQ. I have an appreciation for the proper raising of cattle. I took that appreciation to the Midwest and seasoned it over the top of my passion for all things culinary. I worked in the Midwest at several restaurants developing my palate and skills. In 2009 I moved to the Northwest and found the Hobnob who's food is based on very similar principles as my own comfort food cooking style. A match made in house ground burger Heaven! You'll know me by the cowboy hat. Cheers!

"Da One Jake" Jacob Siladke ("Dark Lord" follower and fan of Portland's relaxed sex offender laws) 

I am a recent transplant to the Portland area from North Michigan; right about where the pinky would be if Michigan were to actually be the mitten it looks like. I have been working in kitchens since the child labor laws would allow me to, in both Michigan and Colorado. Most of my background has been in fine dinning, however I fell in love with working in "Pub-Style" places in the past few years because Everybody (both the staff and the guests) seemed to having a lot more fun. Hobnob has the culinary goals of a fine dinning spot with a relaxed and fun pub atmosphere. Everyone loves their jobs here and the food is fantastic! In my free time I enjoy cycling, disc golf, fishing and playing with my Pug, "Misha". I strive to be a positive part of both Portland and the Hobnob and look forward to cooking for you!

"Gunther the Great" Jed Pierce  (Passionate lover, pounder of stone and earth) 
I am Gunther and I have not been here for maaannny moons. I have come to fed my many minions, to battle the forces of evil and take my bride.. so bath her and bring her to me. But seriously, I will raise the bar of your definition of  the word "delicious". ~ NOTE: Written by my many fans and minions.