Hi. My name is Jason.

I began working in the business of bringing good food and great times to people in the mid 80’s for a restaurant in Ashland, Oregon. I soon fell in love with this work. Since then I have played many roles on many restaurant stages and have taken little bits from each to create my own. I have always approached the restaurant business with a serious sense of humor and a pride in learning something new everyday. My guests become my friends. My Staff and I have put our hearts and souls into bringing you a great place to eat, drink and hobnob.

The name “hobnob” was chosen for it’s base meaning; give and take, to give a drink to someone or take one. 

Also, it means to mingle with folks you may or may not ordinarily mix with. We believe that these social and business connections are very important. My team and I are excited to know you! We have enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in this neighborhood and from around Portland and the great beyond.

We are thrilled to create cocktails that make your taste buds open up and scream, “WOW!” We get a big kick out of cooking for you, as well. We believe in putting a spin on simple, well known dishes to make them amazing. We believe in great meals that bring good people together. We believe in cooking meals and mixing cocktails from scratch with great local ingredients. We believe in the micro brew, the small winery and the local farm. We believe in grinding our burgers by hand using choice chuck and brisket. We believe in delicious house created sauces, soups and unique weekly special dishes. We believe that the love and care of a dish is an essential ingredient. And we believe in the Cubs. 

Thank you for being a part of our nob family and enjoying the things that we love to bring to you!

"Thank you for being a part of our

hobnob family and enjoying the things

that we love to bring to you!"

Est. 2008

Our Story