Friggin' Delicious

A spicy and tropical delight with heat infused vodka,

Cruzan® guava rum, fresh squeezed lemon juice,

mango nectar and orange juice

Megan's Forget Me Now

A deliciously refreshing cocktail built with Gin, Cruzan® guava rum, fresh squeezed grapefruit & lime and a float of St. Germain® elderflower liqueur that you won’t soon forget

Cinnamon Toast

Warm your bones with Sinfire whiskey, Dekuyper

buttershots and hot apple cider


A chocolate lover's cocktail built with Dekuyper buttershots, Baileys, Frangelico, chocolate liqueur and hot cocoa



Hot Pickle Shot

Pucker up, sit around the old pickle barrel with Grampa on his front porch and the jokes and tall tales fly with the heat infused Monopolowa® splashed with Pickle juice and a hunk of crisp Pickle

Perfect Storm

We recommend a firm grasp on reality and one foot in the storm cellar before attempting this sanity robbing pousse café built with Lucid® Absinthe, Bärenjäger® and a dark cloud of Jägermeister®

breakfast Shot

A shot of Jameson® splashed with Dekuyper®  buttershots with a side of OJ

Grape Otter

​A big pop of 3 Olives® grape vodka, triple sec and fresh lime juice

The Mint

​Dark crème de cacao, Rumplemints®

​and a float of 151 proof rum

​​​​Da hooch

Da Hooch is a living shot, it is the compilation of the last few drops from every bottle we empty.

A bar mat shot with integrity, that will be

a little different every day

Da Shots

Perfect Margarita

Fresh squeezed oranges, limes, and lemons a double shot of Sauza Hornitos and Grand Marnier shaken, chilled and served in a mixing tin with a salt rimmed cocktail glass


The bubbly dream with double pour of champagne, a bit of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and a twist of lemon


A selection of Oregon Berries infused into Monopolowa Vodka, shaken with fresh Lemon and Simple Syrup then laid in your cocktail glass lipped with sugar

Nice Pear

A juicy treat built with Absolut®
pear vodka, Campari® and a balance
of fresh lemon juice